Vanquisher: The Return

“The longest piece of work I’ve ever written and completed.  This is the one I’m proudest to produce as well.  I’m actually hoping to take some time in the future to rework the story and do even more world building, so that it’ll become a full length novel (and if possible, novels).  It’s a long 57 pages, so I hope you’ve gotten comfortable and that you’ll enjoy the journey as much as I did.” -Justin, May 2015.

Jay walked through the misty night, weaving through the labyrinth that formed the streets of Brooklyn.  He had gotten the call not long after grabbing dinner at a nearby pizza joint; he was the closest to respond to the incident.  The raven-haired 24-year-old rounded a corner, a desert eagle pistol appearing in his hand as he continued.  His senses told him that he was close.  The smell of blood reached his nostrils three blocks before he had reached his destination.  His unnaturally bright green eyes had an animistic glint to them as they surveyed the scene in front of him: a pictured ripped right out of a child’s nightmare.  A large puddle of blood pooled at the center of a dimly lit clearing in the middle of the concrete maze.  Various pieces of body parts scattered the area, though none were larger than a finger.  The scene contrasted the environment around him.  The courtyard’s surrounding building blocked even the nightly noises of the city, causing an unnatural stillness in the air.  Jay knelt down by the pool, and with his free hand produced a tube from a pocket on his leather armor.  As he took a sample from the floor, a gun cocked next to his head.

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