“A current ongoing project I was working on with the Gala team.  A combination of a 4x and card game, Gala Collider takes on the massive setting of two galaxies crashing into one another several billions years into the future, and the mayhem that follows, as well as the often violent reactions from the civilizations in competing for the safe worlds that could still inhabit life.  I had the pleasure of talking about it with Jess Haskins (@jess_haskins) and Elijah Fisch (@licoricefish) in the worldbuilding podcast.  A very fun time.” -Justin, October 2016.

Check out the game here.  Follow Gala Collider’s twitter here.



“First game I’ve ever had the pleasure of making (with my startup no less!).  A Casual Chat was a great learning experience simply because of the sheer amount of dialogue within the narrative heavy based game, as well as proving a branch of dialogues for both the player to choose from and Katie to react to.  Shout out to Andreas, Brigid, Natalie and Florian for all their hard work.  As someone just trying out the new chat pair up feature on your social media and messaging account, you meet Katie, a high school senior ready to go off to college.  Share something about yourself, and you might just learn that not everything is as they seemed in Katie’s life.  Check it out and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it :)” -Justin, July 2016.

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