About Me

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Hello there! My name is Justin (or Ka-Chung, whichever you prefer) and I’m currently a 24 years old alumni from Emory University’s Creative Writing program, working as a freelance writer and an editor. I’ve got a B.A. in English/Creative Writing with a minor in history after graduating in 2015.

I love stories, and as an only child from a single parent home, I got exposed to stories mainly through video games. Never getting enough, I grew fond of the hobby even after being told countless times that it would “turn me into a beggar on the streets” (rough translation from Cantonese) and other such things. My desire to only read, watch and listen to new stories through books, movies, music and, of course, video games, led later to want to write and create stories of my own. Realizing the truth of the matter in college, I entered the Creative Writing department at Emory University and, after my senior year, discovered the Narrative Lead position within the gaming industry.

My journey through life took an unexpected turn from the gaming industry and into yet another unexpected place: the legal field. After taking the LSAT and applying to various law schools, I’m now an aspiring law student hoping to gain a foothold in the legal business. Most recently, I acquired an English Tutor position at iThink Education in Hong Kong. Thus, I aim to assist my students in acquiring a greater grasp and appreciation of the English Language.

If you’ve got a need for an English Tutor in Hong Kong or just want to connect, feel free to leave me a note on the Contact page!

My CV as well as my LinkedIn, for those interested.  Follow me @JustinHungWJ on Twitter.  Also check out iThink Education here.